No Wellness Wankery

Am I on a diet or eating intuitively? Wellness or Wankery?

May 24, 2022 Lyndi Cohen Season 1 Episode 7
No Wellness Wankery
Am I on a diet or eating intuitively? Wellness or Wankery?
Show Notes

Diets don’t work – 96% of them fail long-term. So why are more people on a diet than ever? 

Welcome to a brave new ‘wellness’ world where diets are dressed up and paraded as a ‘healthy lifestyle choice’ or ‘a way of eating’. 

This sly rebrand tricks you into thinking you’re doing the “right thing” for your body. But diets, like the Atkins Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet and Lemon Detox Diet to name a few I’ve tried over the years, were much less damaging when they said what they were on the tin (though still plenty harmful.)

But it appears even diet companies are realising that diets don't work and are rebranding to try and entice us back in.  So how do we know if we are eating intuitively or really just on another diet. 

Not across intuitive eating? Well, you know instinctively know when you are tired and when you need the bathroom. But did you know that a very similar mechanism can help you regulate your weight without you even trying? You may even be familiar with this system. It is called appetite. Getting back in tune with it can teach you how to stop yo yo dieting for good.

As more and more diet companies try and commercialise the principles of intuitive eating, we need to know the clear warning signs to look out for!


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