No Wellness Wankery

Struggling to lose the last 5 kilos?

May 19, 2022 Lyndi Cohen Season 1 Episode 6
No Wellness Wankery
Struggling to lose the last 5 kilos?
Show Notes

Struggling and just can’t lose the last few pounds? Do you know why it’s hard to lose them?

Society and your Instagram feed have programmed you to think that’s how you ‘should’ look, so you torture yourself to lose those last few pounds.

But why am I not losing weight in a calorie deficit, on an expensive weight loss program, or meal plan? 

If it feels like your body is fighting against you when you try losing the last 5 kilos, maybe it’s because of your body IS fighting against you?

When Lyndi was a dieter, she used to punish herself to try and look better in a bikini....(whatever this even means?)

But it made everything harder… But not anymore.

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