No Wellness Wankery

‘Bouncing back’ after baby, and other BS

June 09, 2022 Lyndi Cohen Season 1 Episode 12
No Wellness Wankery
‘Bouncing back’ after baby, and other BS
Show Notes

The beautiful, the brutal and the downright ugly. 

Before Lyndi physically birthed a tiny boy she was blissfuly ignorant about the realities of motherhood. Of course as a dietitian by profession, she was aware of the nutritional requirements for breastfeeding but only now having experienced it herself does she truly understand the insatiable omnipresent hunger. 

The rude shock of childbirth and its groundswell of hormones and emotions, instantaneously gave way to the even ruder one of being charged with the round-the-clock task of keeping a human baby alive.

Lyndi opens up about grieving her old life and finding routine in her new one. About the normal struggles of resisting the temptation to diet, making time for yourself and most importantly the impact it can have on your self esteem and mental health.... to own a bra that fits you. 

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