No Wellness Wankery

What's the go with Keto?

July 12, 2022 Season 1 Episode 20
No Wellness Wankery
What's the go with Keto?
Show Notes

The Keto diet is the just Atkins diet that has been sold to you again. 

Every few years, a new diet becomes the current obsession. Keto is having it’s moment but before then it was the Atkins diet, South Beach, Cabbage diet, Body type diet etc. The list goes on and on....

So what is the Ketogenic diet and does it really work?

Disclaimer: The truth is that all diets work. As long as you can stick to them for the rest of your life. Science says. But most diets are utterly unsustainable. Which is why I believe the best diet to lose weight is no diet at all.

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