No Wellness Wankery

The TRICK to exercising consistently with Turia Pitt

January 17, 2023 Season 2 Episode 2
No Wellness Wankery
The TRICK to exercising consistently with Turia Pitt
Show Notes

To kick off 2023, we have decided to mix up the format of No Wellness Wankery.  And we are outrageously pleased to introduce our first guest to the podcast, Turia Pitt.

Over ten years ago - At age 24, Turia Pitt's life was drastically changed. She was competing in a 100km ultra marathon in the Australian outback, she encountered an out of control grassfire. Turia was trapped by the flames, and suffered burns to 65% of her body.

She survived against the overwhelming odds, undergoing over 200 medical procedures and has gone on to rebuild an extraordinary life. She has written three best-selling books, given birth to 2 babies, has coached thousands of people to lead happier lives through the Run with Turia program, which Lyndi has personally done.

Lyndi asks Turia about how she ensures greatness is squeezed into everyday, how she uses movement on bad body image days and the simple tricks to ensuring you remain consistent with exercise.

Spoiler: It's not about enlisting the help of an even scarier person to yell at you at the gym to do one more rep....

Oh and if you’ve EVER thought about learning how to run... if you like the idea of being a runner but worry that you don’t have time or don’t look like a runner or can’t even jog for 50m without getting puffed out... then you’ve gotta check out Turia Pitt's Run with Turia program. 

You’ll have the best running coach in Turia Pitt, who I reckon is the real, deal. Her advice is doable, realistic (and totally free from wellness wankery) even if you’re a busy mum or human. 

Did you see I was recently on Turia's insanely wonderful podcast? If not, check out the episode here to hear me explain why you shouldn't set a weight loss goal this year...  

If you aren't already, would highly recommend following Turia on Instagram

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