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101: The REAL reason you aren't sticking to your health goals

February 13, 2024 Lyndi Cohen
No Wellness Wankery
101: The REAL reason you aren't sticking to your health goals
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Have your New Year’s resolutions already crumbled like last year's forgotten holiday cookies? We're tearing up the rulebook on diet culture and redefining success with sustainable habits that stick. This episode is not about wallowing in self-defeat but about empowering you with strategies for long-term health and happiness. Join us as we unpack the toxic 'all or nothing' mindset and introduce you to a more forgiving approach to diet and lifestyle that celebrates small victories and incremental progress. 

We're not just talking about the problem—we're giving you the solutions. Dive into our conversation where we explore how to set smarter goals that actually fit into your life and how to find joy in the path to better health. You don't have to do this alone; our community is here to support you every step of the way. Let's kick those unattainable standards to the curb and start enjoying a balanced, pleasurable approach to eating well and living your best life. It's about progress, not perfection, and this episode is your first step to getting there.

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Speaker 1:

Hey everyone, we're in the midst of our f*** diets challenge, which is all about revisiting the goals or resolutions you set for yourself way back at the start of 2024. And now we're assessing whether you feel like you've already failed them, because for most people who set resolutions by this time of the year, they've already failed those resolutions, and maybe that's you. If so, it's time to ask yourself do you really fail your goals or did they fail you? Did you set the wrong type of target? Perhaps you feel disappointed in yourself and your lack of willpower or determination, or your seeming inability to work towards your goals, when literally everyone around you seems to be able to stick to theirs. And the truth is this when you set really rigid, strict goals and you're constantly punishing yourself for slipping up, for not achieving perfection time and time again, it can be really exhausting, and it's also the wrong way to go about it. Instead of the positive reinforcement you get from taking off small wins or implementing healthy habits you can actually stick to in the long term, you're essentially stuck in this vicious cycle of feeling like a failure and punishing yourself for it, only to continue to fall short on what is essentially your ridiculously high standards. And this happens again and again. So that's why this month in February, we are flipping the script. We're flipping our middle fingers to diet culture. I'm teaching you how to create healthier habits and make them small, make them sustainable, so that you can actually achieve your goals, making it easier and more enjoyable. So if you feel like you struggle with consistency, motivation, accountability, finding things that are doable and breaking free from that all or nothing mentality, then what we need are gentler, better goals and a new approach to food. If you want to join the F diets challenge the F diets challenge then please sign up to back to basics. That's how you can get access to it and it's not too late. You will then join our Facebook community, where everyone's getting involved, and I'll be there on the back end responding to you and helping you get the changes you desire and you deserve. And once you get back to basics, you also get access to the library of hundreds of easy, doable, tasty recipes, because that's how healthy eating should be. So no more having to lie in bed at night going oh my goodness, what am I going to cook for dinner tomorrow? That constant question. No more planning or trying to get the groceries sorted. It's all going to be simplified for you. Plus, you get access to loads of videos all about mindset and new approach to thinking about food. So we get out of this cycle of yo-yo dieting and all or nothing mentality. And, in case I didn't mention, there are prizes involved in this challenge. So come on over and let's do it together Make 2024 different. To say thank you for listening to the podcast, you can use the code podcast at checkout for back to basics and you'll get 20% off. Pretty lovely. Anyway, thanks for listening and I'll see you next time.

Speaker 2:

Finding it tricky to make time to create or cook healthy, balanced recipes amongst the busyness of work, family, social life and everyday to do lists. I see you. My back to basics app gives you hundreds of nutritious, dietitian designed recipes, all created to be super simple, quick and easy to prepare, as well as workouts, mindfulness exercises and all the tools you need to live your best life, streamline your life and make healthy cooking a breeze, not to mention totally delicious and enjoyable. With my back to basics app, you can sign up at the link in the show notes today.